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Dowling Apprenticeship Program

By becoming an apprentice at Dowling, you can be assured that you are receiving top-notch training from some of the most qualified technicians in the field. We want to help you launch a successful career in HVAC/R.

At Dowling we believe that people don’t just make the difference, they are the difference.

Are You Looking for a Quality, Secure Job in the Trade – But Aren’t Sure Where to Start?

Consider becoming an HVAC/R apprentice and joining the team at Dowling. We’re always looking for motivated, hardworking individuals who are willing to learn and apply their new skills to help better their own career paths and serve the needs of our customers. If you’re considering a career shift, or are just someone who is aspiring to become an HVAC/R technician, our door is always open!

Educational/ Fundamental Benefits Of Becoming An HVAC/R Apprentice

Learning the fundamentals of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

Identifying tools and materials of the trade.

Learn the ability to apply basic concepts for reading blueprints and drawings used in such fields as the construction, industrial, and maintenance sectors.

Installing and servicing the components of a variety of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.
Learning about basic ventilation systems and technical requirements.
Working with an assortment of air distribution and cleaning systems.
Servicing refrigeration control systems and air conditioning control systems.
Working with advanced circuitry systems and innovative instruments.
Ability to choose the right piping materials for different applications.
Immersing yourself in a field with a limitless amount of work.

Further Details of Interest:

Get paid while receiving your HVAC/R degree or certificate!

Tuition assistance with passing grades

Open the door to becoming a full-time employee with benefits

Be paid an hourly wage while attending classes during the day.

Report to work on non-school days

8,000-hour training program with an educated technician

Our Team Is Ready to Serve You Today

Whether you’re in the market for a new HVAC/R system or simply need some repairs, we are your one-stop shop for all your HVAC/R needs. Connect with us today to learn more about how we can design, install, and service your systems.