A reliable HVAC/R system ensures the continuity of business operations and occupant comfort. With over three decades of experience in the HVAC/R mechanical system industry, Dowling Corporation delivers comprehensive solutions including maintenance and repair to all commercial heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems.

This includes a wide range of facility and equipment commonly found in:


  • Computer Rooms and Data Centers
  • Medical Facilities and Laboratories
  • Clean Rooms
  • Office and Retail Buildings
  • Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities
  • Manufacturing and Warehousing Facilities
  • Educational Facilities
  • Convenience Stores
  • Industrial Facilities


  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Ice Machines
  • Heating Systems
  • Furnaces and Boilers
  • Geothermal Systems
  • Radiant Systems
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Computer Room Systems
  • Cooling Towers
  • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers
  • Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilator
  • Air Quality
  • Air Balancing
  • Chillers

Even the best quality equipment is subject to the unexpected failures, so Dowling Corporation keeps the future in mind with an ongoing commitment to our customers with a custom Preventive Maintenance Plan. These Preventive Maintenance Plans are uniquely designed for customers to ensure the mechanical HVAC/R system in place is operating at peak performance that extends the lifespan of any piece of commercial heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment.

Responsive Emergency Service

If you identify any type of HVAC/R emergency, take comfort in knowing that the professionals at Dowling Corporation are ready and available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Our highly trained team is prepared and ready for any emergency with industry-leading technology, equipment, and fully stocked service vehicles to get your facility back up and running to optimal performance levels. We think of your problems as our own, so our commitment to responsive service when it matters most is a trait, we pride ourselves in having.

We serve seacoast NH, southern ME, and north shore MA with pride and dedication to quality customer care. Contact our office today to learn more about the benefits of our Preventive Maintenance Plan and emergency service for all your commercial HVAC/R equipment.

Why Is Preventive Maintenance So Important?

The purpose of preventative maintenance is to keep your HVAC/R system up and running at top efficiency with no surprise breakdowns. No matter how expensive the present heating, cooling, and/or refrigeration system is or what the manufacturer promises, a complicated piece of mechanical equipment is subject to breakdowns and needs repairs every so often. You can reduce those incidents of repairs by keeping up with annual maintenance to prevent future problems from developing.

The Preventive Maintenance Plans from Dowling Corporation are uniquely designed to meet individual customer requirements. Our custom-tailored plans have great benefits, where it can save you money, avoid difficult downtime, extend the lifespan of your equipment, and return the entire system to its optimal condition after each visit.

After taking a look “under the hood” of your existing HVAC/R environment and developing your comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Plan with a Dowling representative, the routine service will be automatically scheduled with a guaranteed timely performance on maintenance visits. Other advantages include, priority scheduling if there is an emergency with no additional charges for overtime. Our goal is to provide you with comfort and peace of mind.

Equipment serviced on an emergency basis is rarely brought back to peak efficiency and can be avoided. Committed to the pre-planned service of our clients, Dowling Corporation can help you avoid those “breakdown” service calls that can consist of:

  • Premature failure of system components due to neglect
  • Unexpected downtime/occupant discomfort
  • Lost productivity due to discomfort or inoperable process equipment
  • Product loss (refrigerated or heated items)
  • Energy waste due to neglected system components
  • Premature system replacement
  • Air quality problems
  • Damage to facility
  • And more…

Call the office today and our staff will be happy to schedule a free HVAC/R Preventive Maintenance consultation today!